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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCA Testimony Help

 A personal testimony is simply sharing what God has done in your life through Jesus. One of the most effective ways to prepare your testimony is to ask three questions.


1) When did you put your faith in Jesus? 

When I was twelve, I couldn’t go to sleep one night because of my fear of dying in the night. I woke my mom up and she shared with me that if I am a Christian, I don’t have to fear death because I can go to heaven. I prayed to receive Christ as my personal Lord and Savior that night.

2) When was a time God grew you in your faith? 

I broke my leg and was told I would never play football again. I knew the only thing that would last forever is my joy in Jesus. I should be more focused on Him than on the sport He gave me to enjoy. 

3) How has God been growing me now?

I now serve my church faithfully when before I thought church was pointless. I also get opportunities to teach God's word to students at the local elementary school during FCA. 

Your Turn!

Work through the questions below, write your testimony in your own words and practice sharing it. Yours might be long and exciting, or short and sweet. It is important to focus on what God has done, not on what you did wrong in the past. Feel free to use more paper if you need to, but remember, keeping things simple is always best when speaking to a group.

Developing Your Testimony 

When did I put my faith in Jesus?

When is a time when God really grew my faith?

How has God been growing me now?

Helpful Tips to Remember 

1. Stay within your time frames. The following chart breaks down each segment of your testimony depending on the time you have been given.

Testimony Sequence

Time Allowed3-5 Minutes8-10 Minutes15-20 minutes
Introduction30 Seconds1 Minutes2 Minutes
When you put trusted Christ1 Minute2-3 Minutes4 Minutes
God grew you1 Minutes2 Minutes4 Minutes
How God is growing you1-2 Minutes2-3 Minutes3 Minutes
Closing30 Seconds1 Minutes2 Minutes

2. Refrain from using spiritual terminology, clichés or phrases with which the unchurched may not be familiar or cause them to be uncomfortable/check out.

3. When using scripture references, be sure not to use too many, or simply make reference. Read the whole verse(s) that is appropriate, being cautious not to get caught in lengthy scripture readings. Share the main verse(s) that had the greatest impact in your life.

4. Be careful with particular denominational issues which could become tangents to the overall purpose of your message. Any negative comments about people, churches, denominations or issues can be counter productive.

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