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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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NameSpeaker DescriptionPhone
Joe Abdelghany
Track &Field; Weight training; passionate about using sports to connect people to Jesus!
Justin Arnold
former college soccer player, current coach, and Hikes Point Christian Youth Minister
Kevin Barnettformer college basketball; Youth Pastor at Simpsonville Baptist662-414-5632
Greg Barrformer college basketball player, current Minister at St. Matthews Baptist803-381-3300
Heath BarthCurrent SECC Community Pastor; former basketball player442-3255
Barbie Baxterformer basketball player at Purdue University592-8965
Jake Beattieformer baseball player; current Youth Minister @FBC Fairdale502-724-6500
Michael Belucciradical testimony of God's grace w/ drug addiction387-7313
Larry Benzick
Former U of L Baseball pitcher; powerful testimony of Jesus' redemption in his life and his family.
Shanette BordusSpeaks on rewards of righteous living and keeping Christianity in a practical lifestylec)387-6977
Hailey BrayBellarmine FCA leader; played high school volleyball551-1177
Carl Brazleyformer NFL player with Bills, Vikings and Chargers; President of Mo Better Marketing550-2547
Brent Breamerformer Soccer player; current Youth Pastor502-777-3330
Daniel Brightformer Track runner; MORNINGS ONLY938-3845
Dennis BrooksHead Soccer Coach at Boyce College639-3848
Rene Brownformer college football player, current military727-8741
Bob Bryantformer collegiate runner, retired FCA huddle coach797-8069
Nathan Christmasformer High School Quarterback502-608-2006
Maurice Clarkformer WR for U of L951-609-5332
Tyler Clarkplayed HS football and baseball, current student at Southern Seminary479-221-8047
Kory Clementformer Wheaton College swimmer616-916-5440
Austin Clemmons
former U of L Baseball player; Tues. or Thurs. mornings only
Steve Coffmanretired High School referee523-2137
Justin CollinsChristian hip-hop artist767-5260
Kelsey CramseyU of L Track (Fridays only)217-690-5814
Winfurd Cross
Has served in prison ministry and church & sports recreation
Chandler DaleFormer U of L baseball player812-207-7830
Mount DavisIronman Competitor417-6717
Skyler Davisformer College Soccer player; current Youth Pastor502-314-1286
Todd DeerrGolf instructor; who has overcome gambling issues419-8610
Stephen Eastonformer drug dealer on fire for Jesusc)494-9214
Michael Eatonformer All American track and cross country runner at U of L; can start after Sept. 9th.317-625-3072
Tyson Elleryformer track athlete; graduate of Seneca and IU938-8524
Carl & Judy ElmerVisual demo /God being our potter and we are the clay (needs at least 20 minutes) High Schools only222-2415
Matt ErxlebenStudent minster of SW Campus SECC618-367-0726
Bryan Esterdayformer baseballand football player; current FCA Staff744-0550
Lizzie Esterdayformer U of L Conference champion rower. ( available - Mon., Wed.,, & Fridays only)475-6384
Steven Estesformer H.S. golfer; current college student working at SECC682-4611
Trey Ethridgeformer college basketball player at Boyce College (Moore / Southern / Fern Creek)256-483-8865
George FieldsMusician/entertainer - creates smiles558-5857
Jared Finlaterformer college track athlete319-330-4769
Marcus Folmerformer U of L Football player850-602-5958
Rachel FoxBellarmine Univ. Softball player (JCPS Middle & High School only) (Tues., Wed., or Thurs. only)295-9563
David GarrardMagician who uses tricks to point to God's truth in life905-2512
Caleb Garzaformer H.S. football kicker, Texas A&M FCAer512-539-9942
Margaret Geraghtycurrent U of L Rower (any morning except Wednesdays)937-672-7586
Neal GossettSports & Fitness Director at Southeast Christian Church817-5241
Josh Greeneformer college basketball player; Lead Pastor at Fairdale Baptist727-0099
Chase GrubbTriathlete, Hustbourne Baptist Youth Minister423-341-0566
Dave Hamlinformer college baseball player and former coach at Milligan College(502)321-6351
Tim Hartlageformer college football; former miller beer distributor; Pastor - Southwest Church489-4722
Jeremy HedrickSouthern Seminary student (Wednesdays only)334-434-3871
Beau Henderson

Children’s Minister at Trinity Chapel (Elementary schools only)

Lauren HerichU of L Swimmer (Wednesdays only)859-802-0845
Marissa Higginsplayed college field hockey376-2672
Natalie Hillformer Georgetown tennis player439-1412
Eileen HornbackGreat powerpoint presentation about her teenage son's car accident664-3944
David Jamesformer college wrestler at Univ. of Tenn.387-3500
Jason Johnsoncurrent Youth Minister @FBC Mt. Washington502-930-6244
Kevin Johnsonformer college basketball player643-4648
Samuel Johnsoncurrent Soccer player at Boyce College269-277-7003
Cedrick Jonesformer H.S. basketball player502-915-9135
Jesse Jonescurrent Youth Minister@ North Bullitt Christian502-619-0162
Joey KechClifton Christian Church Youth Minister409-1132
Josh KeeneFormer Boyce College basketball player; current Asst. Coach for Valley HS girls basketball544-0310
Kennetha Kellysinger, speaks on faith (needs two week notice)376-6250
Chase Kruegerformer U of L Soccer player751-0832
John Michael LaRueformer Div. II men's volleyball player (Spring semester only)974-5497
Jake Lewellenformer U of K football player316-0575
Scott Longformer U of L wide receiver; current teaching Pastor, Highview Baptist Church777-1818
Eric Lutzformer baseball player; current Youth Pastor (Oldham Co. & Henry Co. only)502-608-9313
Colin LymanU of L baseball player224-489-8821
Will Macphersonformer Track guy; Worship Pastor at Highland Baptist901-574-2297
Hannah MagnusonU of L Swimmer (Wednesdays only)693-2297
Emily Marshallformer WKU cheerleader who battled eating disorder435-7502
Amos Martinformer NFL 2-time SuperBowler with the Minnesota Vikings639-2758
Dan O'Brien Mazzaformer college baseball player; current Boyce College student315-416-3574
Casey McCall
Background in baseball; speaks on how Jesus is central in everything we do in life; our sport, school, friends, family, etc.
Greg McDearmonformer military who saw many lose their life for Country655-0447
Autumn Laughlinformer U of L softball player541-8062
Brandon McGinnisSt. Matthews UMC Youth Minister; baseball background606-748-7127
Mick McGrathformer Green Beret (needs 2 week notice).794-9018
Matt McGuirecurrent Community Minister at Southeast Christian336-830-0278
Chris McWhorterYouth Minister at Fern Creek Baptist843-312-8757
Austin MillerHigh School sport athlete; involved in U of L Campus Ministries859-913-9295
Tyler Minogueformer Bellarmine Univ. Baseball player; current FCA Staff548-1663
Matt MitchellFCA Staff; played football, basketball, track and ran the Chicago Marathon333-2246
Michelle MolodyniaU of L Track502-475-3248
Chris MorganFCA staff (U of L FCA); former Campbellsville Univ. football captainc)777-0400
Tammy Morganformer U of K dance team; State Championship Cheer team; speaks on dating & True Love Waits859-494-3348
Kyle MulcahyYouth Pastor, loves Jesus and sports (Hentry & Spencer Co. only)859-625-4053
Trask MurphyPastor, New Castle Christian Church (Henry Co. only)502-487-1440
Alex NolanIronman Triathlon finisher881-9886
Joel OatesAssoc. Pastor, Springdale Church407-637-1976
Terry O'bryanformer soccer player @ South Oldham502-777-9143
Daria OchenkowskiBellarmine University Cross Country runner859-806-5064
Mason Paasrecently graduated All-American Lacrosse player Centre College741-5698
Roger Palmerformer Football player; Ministry Consultant with Crossings678-699-2071
Rachel Peacerecently graduated U of L Cross Country runner812-734-4474
Roxane Perry
played basketball and softball at Georgetown College
Cam PottsYouth Minister, LaGrange Baptist931-1113
Julia PritchettIronman Triathlete; Tues. or Thurs. must by done by 8:30; Friday anytime.876-3890
Chris Pryorformer collegiate Rugby @EKU (team captain) /football, basketball, tacke in HS502-296-5614
Tom ReadSpeaks on creationism vs. evolution502-548-5063
Dan ReedYouth Minister at Cedar Creek Baptist931-797-0050
Jason ReynoldsSports Agent turned non-profit starter Purp Me939-9445
Mike Ringformer Martial Arts instructor (Oldham Co. only)913-7417-5311
Matt Robisonplayed Baseball, Basketball, Football; Coached basketball and wrestling; current SECC Comm. Pastor678-308-8134
Colin Rymancurrent U of L baseball224-489-8821
Tony Semakformer U of L Football player291-8676
Dylan Sextonformer Bellarmine baseball502-468-2919
Alex Shafferformer Campbellsville University girls soccer415-5801
Eddie SmithFormer arena and Dartmouth Univ. football player640-9088
Mark SmithMulti-Sport Athlete Cedarville OH;Minister Clifton Baptist Church937-536-9051
Timothy Sobitzformer Marine; athlete; current Pastor407-415-5838
Morgan Springerformer Ole Miss Volleyball player (Jefferson Co. only)291-7998
Dave Spruellformer Arkansas baseball player; current SECC staff minister770-365-5874
Taylor StarrRecently graduated college soccer player / SECC Youth Staff386-6738
Brina Stephensmarathon runner; KCD Cross Country Coach (mornings only)541-2765
Lauren StephensBellarmine Track Athlete (Tues., Wed., Thurs., only)767-1277
Bryan TerryCoordinator of Transformed Basketball ministry724-4423
Deanna TerryEvangelism & Church Planting KY Baptist Convention709-3217
Jason Townsformer collegiate Track athlete & collegiate basketball, FCA Staff407-4718
Charlie Traughber
Ohio Elite Soccer Acad. Dir. of Coaching; has inspiring story about following God's lead.
Mike TrippHas run 7 marathons; former missionary in Philippines498-7920
Carson Troutmanformer FCA Intern; Swimmer648-4391
Steve VanZantcurrent Attorney, former H.S. all-state football & Sweet 16 Basketball270-734-1434
Nitaya WalkerU of L track (Tuesdays & Thursdays only)270-438-6308
John Wellerding2 time winner of Derby Mini-Marathon458-8637 or 593-3552
Steve WiggintonFCA staff; ball handling routine, spins 8 basketballs797-9532
Teal WiggintonHas run multple marathons; current Cross Country Coach Highlands Latin School. (Fridays only)502-938-5818
Tress Wiggintoncurrent U of L Rower (Wed. or Fri. JCPS Middle & High School only; Tues & Thurs. after October 20502-541-7790
Luke WisleyWorship Pastor at SECC Crestwood502-529-9571
Adam Wolfecurrent U of L baseball player419-366-9426
Kelsi Worrelformer U of L Swimmer; Olympic Gold medalist 609-969-9775
B. J. WrightBoyce College basketball player (Jefferson Co. schools and mornings only)931-384-6526